DO's and DON'Ts


1. Have a fenced yard
2. Give puppy carrots as a treat
3. If a dog has diarrhea, give chicken mixed with brown rice  (blended in blender)
4. Give dogs salad, including sliced carrots, red peppers, orange peppers, yellow bellpeppers.
5. Teach "Stay" "Down" "sit" "come" (learning these commands might safe it's life)
6. Praise & Reward dogs for doing it your way
7. Brush teeth daily. Start young, rub coconut oil on gums. Daily to kill bacteria, or put in their food.
8. Puppies need exercise, good nutrition, and lots of sleep
9. Praise, reward, praise
10. Trim nails every six weeks.  Use human nail clippers
11. Use baby gates to control puppy enviornment
12. Help lift up puppies up and down
13. Use harnesses with dachshunds, not just a collar.
14. Use small treats for training
15. Be strict with puppies, give them structure.  They want limits and want your approval. (HAPPY DOG)
16. Be consistent, forgiving.
17. Give them lots of hugs.
18. Whisper kind words.  They love it when you whisper in their ears.


1. Don't Feed a dog raisins, grapes, spicy food, garlic, onions, corn, chocolate, sugar, salt
2. Don't Allow puppy to climb stairs
3. Don't Give too many treats.
4. Don't ever hit a dog. NEVER!
5. Don't scold after a boo boo. Must be caught in the act for them to understand.
6. Don't scream.  A firm NO is better.  They learn NO really fast.