Testimonials for  Redmond Weenies:

05/27/2011 ~ Hi Victoria.  Benjamin is doing just great.  He is so beautiful, smart, loving, silly and happy.    It would be nice if you could see him now at about eight months of age.  He now carries a conversation with myself, my wife, or both of us.  He is a runner, a hunter, digger.  He caught  either a mouse or mole yesterday and was playing with it.  My older baby, Penny, killed it and I disposed of the body so they wouldn't eat it.  Looking at your new litters and just love them all.  Glenn S., Sunriver, Or.

02/16/2011 ~ Good morning Victoria:  Benjamin is a joy to have in our home. He has a wonderful personality and we consider him our little boy.  Glenn and I are so thankful to the environment he was conceived in and the home he was born in because it shows up in the way he acts toward people.  Dachshunds can be pretty aggresive depending on their genetics and where they come from and Benjamin is the opposite; he is loving, carefree, playful, affectionate and just a joy to be around. Yes, he has learned to bark at people, but only for a moment. He doesn't snap at anyone or show aggresion.  Like I said, I attribute this to the home he came from where it is evident that all the puppies are loved and wanted and groomed to be lovers, not fighters (except with each other in playful wrestling which ALL dachsies seem to enjoy). Thank you, Victoria, for the best addition we could have to our household. Cathy S., Sunriver, Oregon

12/03/2009 ~ Hi Victoria, Looking at the ads from Dr. Jon reminds me of the many toys, including the bottle crunchers, which last only a few hours.  We have spent a lot of money for that little Brandi.  So, now I am making my own, by using blanket or fabric material, tying it in many knots.  Brandie loves these! 

Also, as you suggested, the rib bones are his favorite.  That little bugger has strong teeth.  Being two now, he is still an adolescent, but he knows when he has done something he shouldn't have.  He is so loveable and, of course, sleeps with us. 

From the four previous dachshunds I have had, he is the best!  He is getting more trustworthy too and we can let him off his lease sometimes without him running off.  Again, we are very happy we have him.  Anna T., Ferndale, Wa. (Brandi is brother to Fiona ~ my little mommy dachshund...that's had two litters...Toria).

11/29/2009 ~  Thank you for blessing and touching our lives with your little bundles of JOY! (Emily and Chase).  Ginny F., Issaquah, Wa.

11/29/2009 ~ (First two nights with Chase)  Good Morning!  We survived the night without much trouble.  He (Chase) finally settled down for the night.  He is Big Love.  He is in my arms as I send this note.  It's going great, he's got great temperment and seems to be good for (his sister) Emily.  They play and play and play some more.  Just got home from Church and all three pups did just fine.  Not surprisingly, with every hour, Chase adapts to the ebb and flow of our household and fits right in!  He has a calming influence on Emily and he provides a great deal of relief for Fritz, our almost 12 year old. 

I can understand how you got attached to him as he is LOVE - so sweet.  He is definitely my boy and does favor me.  He is in my lap right now.  If I'm home, he is in my lap.  I love him, yes, and he has found his way into a home full of mini-dachshund suckers!  He is so cute.   Bill F., Issaquah, Wa.

11/27/2009 ~ Hi Victoria,  The new pups are lovely!  I visited your site and watched the video.  We took Duke and Piper for a walk at Alki Beach today.  Here are a few pictures.  Tomorrow we are going to a Dachshund Meetup in Seattle - So fun!  Piper is learning to ring a bell to let us know she has to go potty. We bought the 'Poochie-Bells' training tool kit and followed the instructions.  Basically, you just hang the loop of bells (about 20 inches long) over a door knob of the door the pup goes out, and every time you take her out to potty, you ring the bells.  Make sure the dog SEES and HEARS the bells.  It took Piper about eight days of this, and then VOILA!!  She rang the bells herself.  We took her out and she went potty.  Pretty much every day she rings the bell a few times and then goes potty.  It seems to be helping with accidents.   And yep...she is sleeping under our covers.  We were forewarned this might happen!  She wants to be with us all the time, and we just can't seem to say no.  Such a cutie-pie!  Hope you are doing well, Linda and Frank S., Carnation, Wa.

11/27/2009...Toria, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!  Thanks for giving Cocoa and Carmella such a good home before we adopted them!  If you can send us any links of videos of these two girls, we would love to have them.  There was a video of them (and their brother Willy) running around in the grass, but it is no longer on your website.  That was a really cute one.  Best Regards, Warren & Tina K., Redmond, Wa.

10/30/2009  ~ Hello Toria...We have had the benefit and added joy to our home that little miss Emily has injected for almost a week.  I know it is God's way of restoring that place in our hearts that we lost the day we made the oh so difficult and heartbreaking decision to remove Madison from a life of certain pain and loss of joy.

I dont believe that I have ever known a breed of dog that is as playful, loving, enthusiastic, has a lust for life and is devoted to their families as this breed we know and love so outrageously as the mini-dachshund.  Halleluja! I know that our finding you and Redmond Weenies (great name, by the way)  was direction from above.....Enuf  said....You must know by now what an extraordinary contribution you and your family have made to ours at such a really sad time of our lives.  We will never forget nor replace those joyful and loving spirits that preceded those with us.....Ginny & Bill F., Issaquah, Wa.

10/21/09 ~ Hi  Victoria...We came straight to the house and introduced Piper to Duke, our Golden who is 10 and a real sweetie.  I have never seen him so happy and excited.  He has been known to have crushes on girl dogs and he seems to adore Piper.  Our two cats are very curious, never hissed, but definetly wondering...what is she?  Our eyes nearly popped out when Piper sat up on her two hind legs and put her two front paws way up in the air...for a full five seconds!!!  What a cutie!  It is going to be so much fun learning about dachshunds....All the best, Linda and Frank S., Carnation, Wa.

10/24/2009 ~ Victoria, Here are pictures.  Last week was pretty funny.  Cricket went into the bathroom with Muffin (eight year old dachshund) right behind her.  Muffin grabbed her by the right front leg and pulled her out.....down the hallway and into the family room before letting her go.  Cricket was trying desperately to keep  up.  It was a true picture moment.  They are getting along very well.  Cricket tried to breastfeed but has  figured out (with a little help from Muffin) that is not going to work.  Cricket uses Muffin as a pillow which works better.  Carol & Herb S., Snohomish, Wa.

I broke my hip and did not raise puppies until Nov., 2010

02/15/2011 ~ Victoria, Benjamin Frito is our pup's AKC name.  Benjamin is the name given him by myself and Frito is the name of the little pup, actually 11 year old boy, who passed away last November.  He was such a great family member that he is now remembered in our newest little guy. 

B F is also known as Capt. Insano because he is so full of energy, running all around the house, attacking our seven year old Standard weenie, Penny.  He is so happy and spoiled now.  He is very healthy and intelligent.  In his second week, 10 weeks of age, he already figured out how to open our hall gate, either by pulling or pushing.  He now is jumping or climbing over it.  He learns very quickly.  He is the most beautiful of all the weenies that we have had ove the last 11 years.  All have been beautiful, but BF is the most colorful with even symmetry of color distribution.  He is a lover, clown and comedian.  We are very happy with him.  Glenn S., Sunriver, Oregon